I grew up on magical stories that had me looking around corners for something magical for years. But this isn't just saying a spell or waving a wand. There isn't one evil person leading an army, but a whole other world that wants to invade us with other beings from other realms. And there are only six mages, not an entire hidden subculture to turn to. It just hasn't been what I imagined and I suck at it." –Alex Adams

How often in our lives have we withheld the truth from someone we’re supposed to love? We justify it by telling ourselves we’re doing them some kindness, when in reality, we’re just being selfish. We don’t want them to know the truth because if they did, well, they might not love us anymore. How many of us have ever felt that no one would love us if they knew the real us? Love bears all things, the Bible tells us. The truth is, everyone who really loves you can bear the real you.

Who taught you how to discern the Truth? Was it a big liar or a little liar or no liar at all? We cannot expect honesty from those we deal with if we don’t even know how to tell when we’re being lied to.

Sincerity is not part of the political vocabulary. If it is used or implied bells should ring

One of the secrets a nation can unlock to have material wealth is, having a leader who will take an uncompromising stand to establish truth and honesty as a rule of building the nation

The adult author finds that by inadvertently violating the school's alcohol policy, she breaks down some part of the barrier between her and the younger students who are subject to more rules.

Don't thank me for telling the truth when it would have been mercy to lie to you.

In a nutshell, I am not unaware of my failings. Neither am I a stranger to irony.

There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes.

From what I’d witnessed, honesty didn’t really make anyone happy. The truth was a punch to the gut, and while you were falling, a knee to the face, then you could lie on the floor and bleed for a spell.

Stolen pleasures are always more thrilling than those come by honestly.

This is not about jealousy. It's all about loyalty, honesty and respect.

Lies can't grow. Once plucked they can only wither. But every truth, once planted, grows into a tall, noble tree. 

But the truth is, nothing delights me more than a biography of one of the truly great that proves he or she was an absolute shit.

Oh, yes he does. He's a scientist, and they know everything. Religion is crap," declared Listen."You're the most obnoxious little brat I've ever met.""Both of you be quiet,

Nations, like men, are wary of truth, for truth is too often not beautiful.

If a ruler who wants to act honourably is surrounded by unscrupulous men, his downfall is inevitable.

To receive the compliments of being a good writer really annoys me, as this has been my perception that a writer as such has no value, it is the readers who invest their thought process, give life to dead words, coupled with their own imagination, thus syncing the content to their tastes and sensibilities, that matter.

I think I sense a tone of honesty, if honesty exists in this world.

She'd never tolerated deception regarding her strong opinions--that much was true. But wasn't it also true that when it came to trying to please in matters that weren't crucial to her, that didn't compromise her sense of things, she had been dishonest?

No matter how unattractive your job is, once you are earning with honesty and dignity you need not care what people think of you in your work uniform.

I will blame no enemy that is a good man, nor yet praise a friend that is bad

You can make the world beautiful just by refusing to lie about it.

Dad?""What?" A small bird rises from a tree in front of us."What should I be when I grow up?"The bird disappears over a far ridge. I don't know what to say. "Honest," I finally say.

I am reminded of yet one more reason why I avoid children, why I have remained intentionally childless. Children make ruthless biographers and terrifying judges.

The smart employer looks not for perfection but for an explanation of how the consequences of a dishonorable act affected the candidate and others.

Find a strong glue and stick yourself to honesty! You shall feel like a wind, so light and so free!

Hollow Horn Bear knew that to be leader and adviser of his people he must be honest and reliable, and that his word once given in promise must never be taken back. He knew that he must be a man of will-power, standing for the right no matter what happened to him personally; that he must have strength of purpose, allowing no influence to turn him from doing what was best for the tribe. He must be willing to serve his people without thought of pay. He must be utterly unselfish and kind-hearted to the old and poor and stand ready to give to those in need. Above all, he must be unafraid to deal equal justice to all.

Never hesitate to tell the truth as you see it.

The only difference between writers and people who don't write is that writers aren't afraid to display their demons.

Clare's been called a lot of things- smart and funny, driven and talented- but memorable certainly isn't one of them. The most important things about her- the ones she's most proud of- are apparent only once you get to know her.

Definitions from Mulla Do-PiazaTruthful man:He who is, secretly, regarded by everyone as an enemy.

But for her there was no possibility of a clear conscience, merely the weak absolution of honesty, of confession.She could not buy into the cycle of sin and penance. She would always remember what she had done, and it would always sting. She would not be washed clean.

Sometimes you don't let us talk about how we're feeling. If we feel scared, you say, 'Nothing to worry about, guys,' but that doesn't make it go away. It makes it grow.

A lot of lip service gets paid to being honest, but no one really wants to hear it unless what's being said is the party line.

It is not possible to know how far the influence of any amiable, honest-hearted duty-doing man flies out into the world, but it is very possible to know how it has touched one's self in going by, and I know right well that any good that intermixed itself with my apprenticeship came of plain contented Joe, and not of restlessly aspiring discontented me.

Relationships like this are built on honesty and trust. If you don't trust me-trust me to know how I'm affecting you, how far I can go with you, how far I can take you-if you can't be honest with me, then we really can't do this.

The thing you do with a boy it is to show him all the to show. Don't hold nothing back.

Adopting the language of a pretense only serves to ease participation in it.

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Write about what you think and feel. And share it with your friends.

Confessions are meant to reveal universal truths through specific examples.

Spending some time alone is a therapy that most of us don’t know how to practice. You need a little time alone every now and then to know what you are made of, to know and to do what you really like and to actually like yourself.

Obi-Wan's young face clouded. "Some secrets are best left concealed, Master." He shook his head. "Besides, why must you always be the one to do the uncovering? You know how the Council feels about these... detours. Perhaps, just once, the uncovering should be left to someone else."Qui-Gon looked suddenly sad. "No, Obi-Wan. Secrets must be exposed when found. Detours must be taken when encountered. And if you are the one who stands at the crossroads or the place of concealment, you must never leave it to another to act in your place.

I am proud to say that I am not in it for the money. If I made a million dollars, I would donate most of it to various charities and libraries.

I think the world honestly would be a much healthier place if instead of trying to find rationalizations for our bad behavior we would just say, "I was an asshole. Sure, there were reasons behind it, but that doesn't matter.

Honesty has a power that very few people can handle

What American would not want truthful and complete information about every product sold in the United States so that we can be more capable of making wise decisions concerning our lives and the lives of our loved ones? These are our friends and our family members suffering from so many forms of cancer, several diseases of the heart, emphysema, poor circulation, blindness, strokes, various skin disorders, bad breath, asthma, poverty, clogged arteries, disfigurement, rotting teeth and gums, birth defects, infertility, sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure, aneurysms, complications during pregnancies, and all too often a slow and painful death. These suffering people are also many of us.

He was right: not about her playing him, or about her laughing at him, but certainly about her carelessness, about her casual disregard for how he would feel if he found out, and about the stunning lack of depth it exposed in her character.

I'm glad she's not faking affection. It's more honest than what her husband is doing, at least. Dislike is an emotion I can respect.

Deep love is no inusual nowadays. It's just for a few brave those understand it's an everydat's journey, fed it with respect, honesty, faith and lots of laugh.

The great man will come when all of us are feeling great, not when all of us are feeling small. He will ride in at some splendid moment when we all feel that we could do without him."We are then able to answer in some manner the question, "Why have we no great men?" We have no great men chiefly because we are always looking for them. We are connoisseurs of greatness, and connoisseurs can never be great; we are fastidious, that is, we are small."When Diogenes went about with a lantern looking for an honest man, I am afraid he had very little time to be honest himself And when anybody goes about on his hands and knees looking for a great man to worship, he is making sure that one man at any rate shall not be great."Now, the error of Diogenes is evident. The error of Diogenes lay in the fact that he omitted to notice that every man is both an honest man and a dishonest man. Diogenes looked for his honest man inside every crypt and cavern; but he never thought of looking inside the thief.

Darling, you know and I know that everything is straight between us at last beyond the furthest abstract definition in metaphysical terms or any terms you want to specify or sweetly impose or harken back.

A make believe life doesn't win friends and influence people. It bores the crap out of those living the dream.

But may the truth be told. May the true self may be found. May the truth rule the world more than ever. How easy life will be if everyone is just true to themselves, true to their words, true to their actions and true to life?

People seem to overlook an old man losing his mind if he occasionally made light of it.

If you want to be a good parent then be a great leader. You should live a life with passion for someone and something. The legacy you leave your children shouldn't be how you suffered in gratitude for a life you had no passion for. Rather, it should be how grateful you are to a God that believes fairytales can come true because they came true for you.

From whomsoever one hears anything, it is wisdom to understand the true import of it.

Truth, most succinctly defined is: That Which Is So. Non-Truth, most succinctly defined is: That Which Is Not So.

Lies are like paper-Mache in a rain storm.

Once dishonesty is introduced, distrust becomes the hallmark of future dealings or associations.

My outstretched arms found hers, and I was home.

Honesty is the best insurance policy.

What has to do with your ability to fall asleep is not caffeine. It’s having a clean conscience. I have a clean conscience so I can drink all the caffeine I want.

Birds don't need bridges to cross precipices and honourable men with honesty wings to cross precipices of slander.

Maturity is when you're able to say, 'It's not just them. It's me.

Honesty. Sobriety. My virginity. No way to regain the first two, I almost gave away the last.

Blame is the lie by which we convince ourselves that we are victims. It is the lie that robs us of our serenity, our generosity, our confidence, an our delight in life . . . For it is the act of blaming that can't co-exist with self-responsibility -- or with freedom from inner agitation and strained relationships. Abandon the practice of blaming, and we see the fear melt away that we have associated with being honest about ourselves and taking the full measure of responsibility for our emotional and spiritual condition.

Secrets are lies by another name.

The smallest grain of natural honesty and benevolence has more effect on men’s conduct, than the most pompous views suggested by theological theories and systems.

being honest to the people around you is the best thing you ever do to them,but expecting the same from them is the worst thing you ever do to yourself

I am the false character that follows the name around.

I'll only tell you what matters. And, the truth is, everything matters.

You can't do a good deal with a bad guy. The dishonesty tax is too high and is not something you will factor into your side of the equation.

Imagine if we had no secrets, no respite from the truth. What if everything was laid bare the moment we introduced ourselves?

You did listen." He sat back, nodding his head. "Okay, then. Now tell me what you really thought.""I told you. It was interesting.""Interesting," he said, "is not a word.""Since when?""It's a placeholder. Something you use when you don't want to say something else." He leaned a little closer to me. "Look, if you're worried about my feelings, don't be. You can say whatever you want. I won't be offended.""I did. I liked it.""Tell the truth. Say something. Anything. Just spit it out.""I—" I began, then stopped myself. Maybe it was the fact that he was so clearly on to me. Or my sudden awareness of how rarely I was honest. Either way, I broke. "I… I didn't like it," I said.He slapped his leg. "I knew it! You know, for someone who lies a lot, you're not very good at it."This was a good thing. Or not? I wasn't sure. "I'm not a liar," I said."Right. You're nice," he said."What's wrong with nice?""Nothing. Except it usually involves not telling the truth," he replied. "Now. Tell me what you really thought.

Communication works best when we combine appropriateness with authenticity, finding that sweet spot where opinions are not brutally honest but delicately honest.

An honest man speaks truth, don't expect him to speak sweet.

An honest man is a debtless man, he doesn't owe anyone anything.

Embrace the magical gift of serenity in your daily life. Nothing beats patience, humility, honesty and tranquility.

She made him feel guilty at times. The problem was that she was so honest herself, almost transparent. It seemed criminal to be deceiving her.

... honesty is like seeing a crackhead up close: it ain’t that fucking attractive.

Life is energy, give others the energy you want to receive from others!

How often do we listen and act to the call of honesty, serenity, humility and generosity?How many "soft pillows" do we use for a life time?If only everyone uses a "soft pillow," then what a better world it could be to have many genuine hearts.

I had the good fortune and opportunity to come home and to tell the truth; many soldiers, like Pat Tillman… did not have that opportunity. The truth of war is not always easy. The truth is always more heroic than the hype.

By the river of forgetfulness, I found honesty.

Carry on an undefiled undertaking.

Can I be trusted? Can you? I can be trusted with some things, but not all things, just like you.

We live in a world full of duplicity.We are surrounded by people with duplicitous nature.They will be shooting arrows to question our honesty at every step we make.Therefore,it is our duty to protect ourselves by using our integrity as an armor and march forward, victoriously.

You don't have to pretend with me, you know.' He reaches out and tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear. His expression is so open and honest I feel it like a sucker punch. 'I used to pretend, all the time, so I can spot it a mile away. If you're feeling shit, then just say so. I don't need to know the reason, it might be none of my business—' 'I'm feeling shit.

Guilt is a lazy feeling that takes no action the wings of integrity are the only thing that sets it free.

I had kissed my share of men, particularly during the war years, when flirtation and instant romance were the light-minded companions of death and uncertainty. Jamie, thought, was something different. His extreme gentleness was in no way tentative; rather it was a promise of power known and held in leash; a challenge and a provocation the more remarkable for its lack of demand. I am yours, it said. And if you will have me, then..

Presidents lie all the time. Really great presidents lie. Abraham Lincoln managed to end slavery in America partially by deception. (In an 1858 debate, he flatly insisted that he had no intention of abolishing slavery in states where it was already legal — he had to say this in order to slow the tide of secession.) Franklin Roosevelt lied about the U.S. position of neutrality until we entered World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor. (Though the public and Congress believed his public pledge of impartiality, he was already working in secret with Winston Churchill and selling arms to France.) Ronald Reagan lied about Iran-Contra so much that it now seems like he was honestly confused. Politically, the practice of lying is essential. By the time the Lewinsky story broke, Clinton had already lied about many, many things. (He’d openly lied about his level of commitment to gay rights during the ’92 campaign.) The presidency is not a job for an honest man. It’s way too complex. If honesty drove the electoral process, Jimmy Carter would have served two terms and the 2008 presidential race would have been a dead heat between Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

What gets me about the United States is that it pretends to be honest and therefore has so little room to move toward hope.

There is a difference between speaking the truth in love and judging someone hypocritically...make sure you know the difference before you speak!

Every man has his fault, and honesty is his.- Lucullus (Act III, scene 1)

Freud was not entirely honest with himself when he said, “Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise".

A wise man thus seeks not a straight path, but one that is the shortest or most convenient. The idea is to reach your goal comfortably and quickly rather than wasting your time in finding ‘Which is the straightest path?

Christians don't tell lies they just go to church and sing them.

With honesty and a little digging, we have the opportunity to identify our gifts and harness them in the service of our best self—our own unique noble purpose.

If you are not yourself people will look right through you and see the pale shadow of someone else

I pull back, gasping for breath. Reeling. His breath is ragged, and I place my hands on his cheeks to steady him. "Is this okay?" I whisper. "Are you okay?"His reply is anguished. Honest. "I love you.